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From Pie Every Day

Pies at the Bar Ten

My husband loves pies + I learn to make pies = We will be forever one 

From A Soothing Broth

A Trembling in the Head

Headaches, Dizziness, Fainting, Fevers

When it comes to feeling ill, most people I know fall into one of two behavioral categories which I think of in military tones: they are either soldiers or deserters. 

From Secrets of Saffron

The Heart of the Matter

When he left I would not see him again for years, when we were both older and different and without a trace of saffron.

From America Eats!

Big Hearted Feasts

Local hunters--hunters, that is, living within a thousand-mile radius of Brooklyn-- willing to take a completely gun-shared, antsy-pants novice along with them on a squirrel shoot did not prove easy to find

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Make yourself comfortable with whatever will sooth frayed nerves and read some stories of mishaps, adventures, hot hot messes, and other joyous catastrophes in our lives. 

The Marines In the Truck

Ruben knew he needed to find the same kind of leadership and camaraderie he had found in The Latin Kings. Sam felt directionless, treading water, even after managing to graduate from college. In their own ways, they were  drawn to the Marine Corp, attracted by its fierce reputation for molding recruits into formidable soldiers, first in battle. They both had a strong desire to experience war and, eventually, a shared dream to create a food truck.  

Droning With Tom

The New York Farm Colony is surrounded by a tall chain-link fence and the buildings, once sealed, are open to the elements, slowly disappearing under vines and tree saplings. Tom and I, of course, thought it was a perfect place to launch his drone.