I Can't Believe I Did This!

Go on and make yourself a plate of nibbles, pour a drink. Now put your feet  up and read all about the absurd, frustrating, funny catastrophes in our lives. 

Droning With Tom

The abandoned New York Farm Colony is surrounded by a tall chain-link fence and the buildings, once sealed, are open to the elements, slowly disappearing under vines and tree saplings. Tom and I, of course, thought it was a perfect place to launch his drone.

Spring Tonics


I missed spring. The vernal equinox came around on March 19th, the earliness since 1896 so I don’t feel so bad. I was also busy trying to come to terms with the whole stay-at-home-and-inside situation.

Some fun facts about 1896:

Does It Matter Anymore?

In the before time, time stretched on into a long future. There would be no doubt in me that our sons–as well as my family in Philadelphia–would be anything but flourishing. I would hear traffic on the nearby highway instead of ambulances. I would consider it ridiculous to think the food stands and markets were too crowded if there were more than six people inside. Our neighbors would be sitting in the cafes. Come twilight, the husband and I would not put aside work simply to take a walk together. 

All the Rage in the Food World


There's currently a very important conversation about systemic racism instigated by a highly anticipated cookbook and the baker and blogger who, years before, formed the bases of the book's concept of Rage Baking